26-0006 The Music Lesson Johannes (Jan) Vermeer

You are viewing a famous oil painting, The Music Lesson Johannes (Jan) Vermeer. The original masterpiece oil painting was painted in 1662-64. Our artists will meticulously hand paint a reproduction oil painting of The Music Lesson Johannes (Jan) Vermeer detail by detail, color by color as close to the original oil painting as possible. Our reproduction oil paintings are all hand painted fine art with no printing involved. Don't settle for a print when a genuine reproduction oil painting will add sophistication to any room and will be admired by many.

Johannes (or Jan) Vermeer is now recognized as one of the great Dutch painters, but while he was alive he could barely make ends meet, and his artistic achievement was almost entirely ignored for 200 years after his death. Vermeer is admired for his realistic style, his preoccupation with light, perspective and poetic meaning behind the objects he chooses to paint. Vermeer conveyed a simple moment in time. He bathed a room in sunlight and the artist painted it reverently stroking each object and defining each shape with light. Almost all of Vermeer's paintings are in house scenes (even the two landscapes that we know are seen from within through a window). He painted mostly genre pieces and portraits. His paintings cover all layers of society, at one time portraying a simple milkmaid at work, at other works showing the luxury and splendor of rich notables and merchantmen in their roomy houses. Fewer than forty of his paintings exist. You can purchase this reproduction oil painting framed or unframed in any size and it will certainly grace your wall for many years to come.

The Music Lesson by Johannes (Jan) Vermeer :: Johannes (Jan) Vermeer :: 26-0006 The Music Lesson Johannes (Jan) Vermeer
Title: The Music Lesson by Johannes (Jan) Vermeer
Artist: Johannes (Jan) Vermeer
Painting ID: 26-0006
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